A Moral Imperative in Our Time! ... a Moral Imperative!

Hello. My name is Dr. Frederick David Graves, JD ... Florida Bar Number 558583. I received my law degree in 1985 and have struggled nearly 40 years to make Public Legal Education a practical reality.

I ask your help. Please read on.

I did not go to "law school" to become a lawyer or even to learn "how to win in court" but, rather, to write about Justice and the requisite guides for government that tend to make Justice a reality for everyone. All I ever wanted was to teach and write about the wounded masses and the means by which society can yet ameliorate their suffering with more light to drive back the darkness that ever threatens to engulf us in misery.

Now I find myself teaching a modest few how to protect themselves from other members of my profession (www.HowToWinInCourt.com), which is a good thing for which I remain thankful, yet burning deep within me is the vision of teaching much, much more: The foundation on which Justice and Good Government must be built and the soil on which that foundation must be laid.

That's where my Public Legal Education vision comes in. Not teaching kids how to win in court but, rather, giving them "fun experiences" in our public schools, multi-media that tends to inculcate deep in their very being a sense of what is "right and wrong" and how to live in harmony with their neighbors while repairing and then sustaining what is so obviously a broken, corrupted system in our present day.

I will do anything reasonably within my power to see the children taught what I call the fundamental principles of English Jurisprudence, the rules of juridical reasoning, and the soil of self-evident truth upon which that foundation must rest.

One can build an amazingly strong foundation, but if laid on mud that foundation must fail.

We have so much better than mud in our once-controlling principles of juridical reasoning and what Sir Salmond once called "the gladsome light of jurisprudence" now lost in the madness of legal education controlled as it is by the American Bar Association hell-bent on controlling society with its illegal aegis over what ought to belong to the people who died to preserve it.

There is absolutely nothing unique about me other than this vision. I was a fishing boat skipper for years, built boats, tended bar, and scraped barnacles off boat bottoms for a living. For many years I was a lost soul never expecting to live this long (born in 1943).

Years ago when just a child I saw a newsreel of a Nazi corporal standing in the doorway of a common box car on a winter siding somewhere in Germany. Just below and off to the side of the tracks was a pit with a waiting bulldozer standing by while the young corporal reached back inside the boxcar to grab the frozen arm or leg of a child then throw the body into that ditch beside the tracks where the bulldozer waited to cover its tiny body along with the naked frozen bodies of hundreds of other. They looked like toy dolls, but they were children who might have grown to do wonderful things, to love, to laugh, to enjoy the world I want to see secured for such as they.

I was driven, even guided, if you will, to read certain old books when I was still in my twenties. I learned a thing or two from men long dead whose wisdom remains unchallengeable, though ignored by foolish, selfish modern man.

Politics will never secure the world for peace and the children's safety.

All the demands of the so-called "patriot community" will never bring about the system of law and order that alone can secure us from the horrors of anarchy and open rebellion.

Only education can.

Only our  youth.

Your love for this mission and your financial and other support mean more to me than you may ever know, and any angle you may find whereby we may garner sufficient funds to assemble a team of workers to teach the children what Justice is and what is required to secure it for future generations will be welcome beyond anything you may possibly believe about me.

I don't need much.

Just enough to hire some two-dozen talented souls and house them in sufficiently equipped offices where they can create the materials we will provide to schools, public and private, nationwide.

Donations are welcome.

Investment is also welcome. Investment with the certain benefit of vast returns over time!

My loving wife and I are ok financially and need none of the donations or investment money. My prayer is for money to hire the team that will work to create educational materials that will promote a just society that our children can build for untold tomorrows.

God is slow to respond, yet we pile our prayers on the altar and wait expectantly, knowing it is not the will of any God I care to meet beyond this vale of tears that frozen children should be thrown from boxcars into a snowy winter open pit and covered with dirt as if they were nothing more than refuse!

1943 is not so long ago, and the rumblings of hateful war and the menace of terrorism are at this very hour drowning out the sound of children laughing.

Something must be done and done quickly.

Please do all you can to help me find find those wise enough to know this mission is of paramount importance and its immediate implementation top priority, for all we are or ever hope to be as people sharing this ball of rock depends entirely and exclusively on what our children believe is right and just!

At this sad hour, as many times through history when horrors have repeated themselves unnecessarily, the people have no idea of the great wisdom contained in those old books I read, from which all that I might dare to call wisdom still resides.

Let us lift justice wisdom from those yellowed pages and share it with our children now!

Please call today for more information: Toll Free: 866-529-3279

Frederick David Graves, JD
Trustee at American Justice Foundation ®
Florida Bar No. 558583



Wow! It is enough to bring a man to tears - Just knowing that a spirit like yours is part of humanity. I am eager to find a way - a lighted path... Thanks!